• energy muse jewelry
    In the Energy Muse Sacred Intention Room of their Torrance Showroom in California, Timmi and Heather, the founder of Energy Muse Jewelry brand recentl..detail
  • astroburger
    You’re out with a group of friends and someone suggests going for a bite to eat – but one of them is a vegetarian, one’s a vegan and the rest ju..detail
  • yoga on main street santa monica
    Yogi Times  is out to explore the “hotspots” in our community, where yogis can go to find interesting things to do, hidden treasures and min..detail
  • jill miller
    Twenty five years ago, when most of us thought that people who did yoga were part of some strange cult, Jill Miller began her practice. She discovered..detail
  • shop on tujunga avenue studio city
    Known to many locals as a slice of “mayberry” in the middle of Los Angeles, this stretch of tujunga avenue in studio city has all of the charm and..detail


It doesn't get any hotter than in the "city of angels." If Los Angeles is on your travel itinerary, get ready for some glamourous "tinsel-town" treatment. From A-list movie premiers to A-list spa treatments and yoga studios, Los Angeles is guaranteed to deliver some of your more memorable experiences.

In a city where duality co-exists peacefully, Los Angeles sports a unique air of materialism and spirituality and is home to many celebrity haunts and wellness obsessions. Since juicing/cleansing/yoga/vegetarianism is on "everyone who's anyone's" HOT list these days, Los Angeles has become a real mecca for wellness pilgrims. It is all about one-stop shopping for some amazing vegetarian dining, juice cleansing, meditation retreats, spiritual enclaves and of course for doing yoga in Los Angeles.

Yogi Times has their finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in the wellness community in Los Angeles. And as always, Yogi Times is your source for consulting the hottest studios for doing yoga in Los Angeles. From the Liberation Yoga on La Brea, to the "on donation" low key Bryan's Kest power yoga studio in Santa Monica, to the "spiritual village" and Hollywood hot spot, Golden Bridge, you will find some of the most popular and notable places to practice yoga in Los Angeles. 

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
- Martin Luther King Jr.




Hotel Figueroa Combines History, Art and Value
Los Angeles | Hotels & Resorts
hotel figueroa combines history, art and value
Uno Thimansson spent time in Morocco during his youth, and it shows in Hotel Figueroa, his gorgeous downtown L.A. boutique hotel. What you’ll find inside: a dark, high-ceilinged lobby full of fa
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cooking the yoga sutras, an online course
Mountain View | Schools & Trainings
cooking the yoga sutras, an online course
What foods do you like or dislike and why? To understand those answers is making great spiritual advancements because you are developing a greater self-awareness, and if you get to enjoy some great fo
Bizzie Gold's Buti Fitness Expands Worldwide
Los Angeles | Schools & Trainings
bizzie gold's buti fitness expands worldwide
Bizzie Gold created Buti Fitness by accident. One day she was teaching her yoga class. Her students were in garland pose. Bizzie started shaking her butt because the song was so good. She looked aroun
culver city
Culver City | About Town
culver city
A town rich with Hollywood history, Culver City has recently been reinfused with the culture it once knew. Sprouting with delicious eateries, old-town charm and an active green community, the face of
a night for green beauty
Los Angeles | About Town
a night for green beauty
What could be better than an amazing yoga class or a favorite farmers market….A Night of Green Beauty, that’s what!Waiting patiently for the past few months, I attended A Night for Green Beauty
goli gabbay
Los Angeles | Yoga Teachers
goli gabbay
Sitting across from Goli Gabbay, one feels uplifted by her energy, her sincere passion for her work and her thirst for improving the lives of those who cross her path. Her eyes gleam with joy and bene
tiffany cruikshank
Los Angeles | Yoga Teachers
tiffany cruikshank
Tiffany Cruikshank is an international yoga teacher, author and wellness expert. She has been studying and practicing yoga for over 20 years. Tiffany did her first yoga teacher training at 16. She als
Santa Monica | Restaurant & Cafes
It takes one, to know one. That’s the feeling at Rawvolution, a raw vegan eatery juice, coffee, tea, wellness, elixir bar located on Main Street in Santa Monica. There is a unique and authentic ene
cafe gratitude venice
Venice | Restaurant & Cafes
cafe gratitude venice
I am COMPLETE, please. This is how to affirm, order and enjoy food at California’s 100% organic and plant based restaurant, CAFÉ GRATITUDE. My waitress kindly responded and returned to my table w
shapeshift pilates
Redondo Beach | Yoga Studios & Centers
shapeshift pilates
ShapeShift Pilates is a glorious place to help you improve your other physical pursuits, whether you practice yoga, dance, compete in triathlons or just walk. The teachers are all certified, caring an
self realization fellowship lake shrine
Pacific Palisades | Yoga Studios & Centers
self realization fellowship lake shrine
In the 10-acre pocket of tranquility known as Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, urban Los Angeles can seem light years away. Off of Sunset Blvd. in Pacific Palisades, this spiritual sanctuary h
biovisage clinic
Beverly Hills | Spas
biovisage clinic
Biovisage Clinic offers “The 5-Minute Non-Surgical Facelift” without the risks and expenses of surgery. Using traditional techniques of acupuncture, the energy force qi is allowed to flow freely t
the raven spa
Los Angeles | Spas
the raven spa
Born with the largest brain of all winged creatures, the raven is highly intelligent and soulful. The same is true of the new Thai massage and healing center, The Raven is located at 2910 Rowena Avenu
Brentwood | Shops
Yogasmoga is an eco-friendly, high-performance athletic clothing brand providing innovative world-class products. Their no-bleed colors, cool-fit and lightweight designs make them a ste
energy muse jewelry
Torrance | Shops
energy muse jewelry
In the Energy Muse Sacred Intention Room of their Torrance Showroom in California, Timmi and Heather, the founder of Energy Muse Jewelry brand recently added a copper pyramid, filled with high-grade v
pam douglas' art invokes universal symbol of oneness or totality
Santa Monica | Events
pam douglas' art invokes universal symbol of oneness or totality
Los Angeles painter Pam Douglas is greatly inspired by ancient Asian philosophy reflected through contemporary sensibilities. Much of it pays respect to Zen artists who believed in using the
lightning in a bottle 2013
Menifee | Events
lightning in a bottle 2013
Festivals take you to your extreme – you find yourself in extreme heat and extreme noise, but also find extreme inspiration, extreme opening, learning and connecting. Festivals are a place where peo





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