water magic: yogi’s aura-cleanse bath

Have you ever been attracted to someone and unable to explain why? There’s been something about them that draws you in.

Sometimes we can see their aura is strong and colorful, glowing in all directions.

What we see here is an infinite power circuit of energy conductors.

These electrical currents (acupuncture meridians) have both physical and spiritual properties.

So, in order to see the glow in another person, we need to feel these vibrations within our bodies first…

There are various practices that help to enable this awareness: nutrition, breath-work, and physical activities, including both exercise and pampering.

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This last suggestion, pampering, is often overlooked in our busy schedules. Replenishment is vital for a healthy, harmonious balance.

Today’s recipe provides the necessary cleansing for renewal.

Purpose: On a physical level, this bath is superb for a chemical detox, as well as for cleansing from radiation exposure, flu, colds, or other pathogenic invasions. This is the bath you take the moment you think you’re getting sick.

On the spiritual side, this bath will cleanse negativity from your aura and leave your spirit clean, vital, and wonderfully refreshed.

To remove toxic chemicals from your body—may they be drugs, alcohol, medicines, pesticides, radiation, or other environmental pollution—it is necessary to repeat this cleansing bath daily for seven consecutive days.


– 1 lb. baking soda
– 1/2 lb. salt (sea salt is best, but table salt or kosher salt will do)


– Candles (bayberry or myrrh)
– Harp music, we suggest Dorothy Ashby

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How to: Fill the tub with comfortable water temperature and then add the salt and soda. Soak for twenty minutes.

If at any time you begin to feel ill—nauseous or dizzy—leave the bath immediately as it will have done its work of shaking loose the toxins in your system.

To cleanse your aura:

While soaking allow yourself to sink into a gentle meditative state, floating your mind outward with the buoyancy of water.

Imagine your auric field interacting with the bath…picture the negative influences that have drained you, such as anger or sorrow or uncertainty, dissolving into the soothing water…watch the psychic debris dissipate from your energy field by the magnetism of the water.

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Additional bits and bobs:

Harp music will set up a special resonance with your spirit, while also beneficial is the taped sound of Tibetan bells, which can initiate a cleansing of its own.

Lighting candles will help to focus your attention on the infinite.

If scented with bayberry or myrrh, the added dimension of this incense will increase your awareness of spirit, without disturbing the meditative quality of your reverie.

Afterward, try sleeping with a pillow of boxwood. Your shimmering aura may bring dreams of clarifying or precognition.

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