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Yoga For The Office: Practice Yoga At Work

by Bess OConnor bess oconnor
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5 tips for workplace wellbeing

The one place that we usually do not bring our yoga with us is the one place we probably need it the most, the office. This is usually the one place we feel the most stress and pressure to perform. Stress can affect many aspects of your life including health, emotions, and your mentality. If we could get through the office day with a little zen like we do our yoga practice, we wouldn’t take the work home with us or need something later to take the edge off.

Practicing yoga in the office doesn’t have to be a bring your mat to work day. It can mean a list of other things to keep the day flowing with the pressure off. Bring relaxation into the work day to keep you more productive and positive.

  1. Meditate. Before you start your work day (or any day for that matter) taking 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to meditate will work wonders. You will become more in tune with your body and your needs for the day. Focusing on yourself with give you the ability to focus on your work later with a clear head.

  1. Breathe. You can add this in at any moment during the day. Shift your focus to your breathe and take several deep breaths. Consciously breathing releases stress and also helps to stay focused.

  1. Adjust. Check in with your body several times and shift what feels uncomfortable. Keeping your posture in alignment will allow the breathe to properly flow through your body. Bhoga’s Got Your Back is the perfect support to keep your back from slouching, reduce compression and pain. It makes any chair ergonomic which is the ultimate work space setup.

  1. Stretch. Move your body anywhere and anyway that feels comfortable to you. Flex your feet, roll your wrists, stretch your arms, and the list goes on. This is one of those things you can cater to according to your meditation, loosen up anywhere that feels tense. This is a great way to re-focus and have moments of relaxation during your work day.

  1. Break. During your break leave out all devices. Don’t read or check emails, sit by your computer, or do anything work-related. Ensure it’s a real break, focus on eating your food and enjoying it. It will fill you up in a different way and help you to go back to work rejuvenated.

These are just a few ways that you can take yoga into the office. There are many more and there is always bringing the idea to your boss to have a day to practice yoga with the whole team. Practicing yoga is a lifestyle and bringing it into the most stressful parts of your life will add relief. How do you take your inner peace to work with you?






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