water magic: clean up your soul

crab apple for emotional cleansing

We are inspired by helping others dedicate themselves to their well-being. We seek to provide advice which enables you to ground yourself through nature. This is an essential skill for dynamic healing. Mary Muryn recommends the following bath recipe below for those feeling stressed or plagued by their current environment, and we provide more self-healing techniques below. This is especially beneficial for those living an (even slightly) toxic lifestyle. Cleansing is paramount when issues with work, family or relationships become overbearing. 


Crab apple, in the form of a Bach Flower Remedy, which should now be easily obtainable from your local health shop, has healing qualities. It is most effective during times of low self-image or low self-esteem. Crab apple helps to cleanse these feelings out of one’s auric field. 

The oil of a crab apple was initially used to anoint and purify love altars. Your body is your temple, so anointing it with crab apple oil purifies and cleanses it of pain and trauma. Before stepping into the bath, we recommend writing a list of your positive attributes and accomplishments. For example, I have a roof over my head; I work in an ever-growing company; my dinner tonight is home-made and full of nutrients; I am alive. Then, prepare your bath.

 What you’ll need:

– 10 drops crab apple Bach Flower Remedy

– Washcloth

       How to  

Fill the tub with hot water. Once the bathtub is full, pour in the crab apple oil and swirl the drops around the tub with both hands. Slowly get into the tub and relax. Soak a washcloth, fold and place over your eyes. 

Concentrate on feeling the emotions flowing within you. Start mentally listing your positive qualities, which you previously wrote down, as you let the warm water release your tensions. Don’t give time to negativity. When a negative thought pops into your head, wash it away with a swish of your hand through the water around your body. 

Where am I 

Imagine you are at a holy temple on an island in the middle of the sea. It is a gloriously warm and sunny day. Your soul is soothed by the peaceful calm of the ocean waves. 

With a reverence for the sacredness of the movement, recall one by one the events causing your pain. If you have experienced trauma emotionally or physically in the past, get in touch with where you store your guilt and shame inside your body. Maybe your lower back, or your left shoulder. Focus on where can you feel the tension.

Keeping your breath concentrated on these areas, consciously release any responsibility you feel you have for causing these incidents to occur. With your strongest powers of visualization and concentration, forgive yourself and dissolve the past with each breath. Imagine the divine powers of grace at this holy temple are releasing your past – let it go.

Relax quietly for a few moments, then wholeheartedly connect to your goodness and the things you love about yourself. If any contradictory thoughts come up, banish them. You have your list of successes to refer back to should you feel lost. 


I am a child pure and free. My heart leads me to my destiny. I am safe and I am protected. There is a circle of light that encompasses me and connects me to the goodness, abundance and love of the Universe. 

Do this bath once a week until your healing feels complete. 

Check out Amy B. Scher’s emotional healing techniques in her free video series. You can learn more keys to self-healing here.

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