4 tips for yoga beginners

effective advice for those new to the practice!

Need help starting your yoga journey? These 4 tips should help yogis of all levels begin to develop a regular practice!

1. Find the ideal teacher who can give you proper guidelines

In the world of yoga, there are many teachers sharing their practice and styles. There are as many styles and personal preferences as there are individual yogis, so it’s important to do some research and “trial and error” before choosing the best one for you. Reading online reviews and personally meeting them can be helpful, and in the end, it will ultimately be your gut feeling that will help you decide whether you are choosing the teacher or not.

2. Get the right accessories for your yoga practice

While practicing yoga, you might need a number of accessories (yoga mat, yoga towel, blocks, belt etc). Attend a few classes first to see which accessories are best for you and your practice. Quality is always a priority to ensure a safe practice.

3. Keep a practice journal

Yoga classes are usually full of interesting comments and insights that can help eliminate negative thoughts and change the way you see yourself. To help ensure you remember and incorporate the tidbits into your life, it is a good idea to keep practice journal and write down everything that comes to your mind while you are practicing at home.

4. Have a defined space for yoga in your home

Yoga studios create a welcoming and non-distracting atmosphere, partially due to the fact that the space provided in there is only for yoga. Similarly, at home, you need to get into the groove, and for this, you need to make some space in your home for yoga. Once you have made some space, you can place items that will help you create a better atmosphere for yoga. Look for items like an inspiring image, an Oriental carpet, a selected question and so on, so that it becomes easy for you to continue practicing yoga at the dedicated time during the day.

Have any more advice for those new to yoga? Comment below with any tips you can share!