the roaming om

Ava Bird’s poetry

today  my om roamed

around this hot town!

we went out of body
and to yoga
floated through the park
and saw the sights
from the third eye
top o’ the intuition!

today, my om roamed
across the country
oceans, atoms
and into far away places
igniting light and sound,
into the dark and quiet,
but we need them too,
my om balanced that quotient…

we also penetrated hearts
in the immediate vicinity, locally
this om and me became contagious,
electrical magic
infecting people
with their very own universal vibration,
your very own
personal primordial sound vibration, my friend…

om and i got to walkin
around this great town,
holy mother earth,
we entered the consciousness
of our listeners,
we wanted to share
but had no expectations
of returning om’s,
only committing ourselves
activating our own hearts
electric cell magic
and hope others jump on the bandwagon
to sing and moan ‘OM’
we rode the spiritual super highway,
this OMA and i
floating on freeways,
our community sponsored OM,
OM parks
om soup kitchens,
pure organic and raw sounds
roots and seeds,
simply, our souls home,
roaming in our euphoric moan,
the freeway home,

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