how to maintain authenticity as an online yoga teacher

The trend toward online yoga teacher training instruction has got many instructors wondering how they can maintain their authenticity and connect with their students online. But it is possible! Staying true to your authentic self as a yoga instructor while teaching online can be achieved with the following suggestions.

Be Your Self

Staying true to who you are is the first step toward being genuine. Sharing your teaching philosophy and approach is essential when working with students remotely so that they can know what to expect from your classes. But more than that, it’s about sharing your own experiences – and that includes the challenges too! This will help give students valuable insight and offers students your unique perspective and guidance. Use words, methods, and presence that are genuine. It’s not about having all the answers or being the ‘perfect’ instructor, it’s about being open, honest and vulnerable with what you share. Doing so avoids feelings of insincerity.

Establish a Warm and Inviting Ambiance

Online yoga courses can still feel genuine if you foster a friendly community from the get-go. Provide a welcoming environment in which your pupils may concentrate on their studies without fear of ridicule. To do this, use an upbeat and welcoming tone, introduce yourself, and then have your pupils do the same.

Create a Community where Students Feel Seen and Heard

It’s important to connect with your students as an online yoga instructor. This involves giving them the time and consideration they deserve, answering their questions and addressing their problems, and making them feel like they matter. Student-teacher interaction is so important in this. Encourage students to use chat, audio, and video to communicate with you and each other while in class. This can help maintain a genuine atmosphere in your classroom by fostering a feeling of community and connection among students.

Try checking in with your students before and after class, and make yourself available for one-on-one conversations if they seem to be struggling. Take time to observe your students and offer personalized guidance, including modifications and adjustments where appropriate or necessary to accommodate different abilities and limitations.

Hold Fast to Yoga’s Core Values

Lastly, as an online yoga instructor, it is essential to remain committed to the core values of yoga. Yoga is a practice of non-judgement and acceptance. Being a yoga teacher therefore involves embodying these qualities and teaching with empathy and kindness. As an online yoga instructor, you have a special duty to create a safe space for your students to explore their practice without feeling judged. Staying true to the principles of yoga includes fostering a sense of community and connection, and practising compassion and empathy towards your students. Be open to learning from your students and from other teachers to continue to deepen your own understanding of your practice.

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In conclusion, taking the time to build relationships with your students and embodying the principles of yoga will help you create a genuine and authentic community with your students. By being genuine, leading with an open heart and mind, making your space inviting, fostering participation, and focusing on the importance of connection, you can lead online yoga courses that assist your students to deepen their bonds with themselves and one another.