give it up to give it out: a yogi times challenge

fundraising to build a new home for 50 orphaned children

With the help and support of YOGI TIMES, we are fundraising to build a new home for 50 orphaned children in Bali.

Hope Children’s Home provides love, education and care for abandoned children. Many are abandoned by parents or families who cannot afford to take care of them. Sadly, foreign land owners are taking back their property, and the orphanage has been asked to relocate by December 2018.

Tris, the 67-year-old Balinese daughter of the original founder, is rallying the community together to build a new home for the children, just across from their school.

As she warmly embraces us in her grandmotherly arms, we are reminded that she has single-handedly taken care of these children for years, without any government support. She relies on the goodwill of the community and tourists to donate what they can to keep the orphanage going. To the kids, she is known as ‘mom’.

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Every child deserves to have a good place to call home

Your donations – even just $1 – will go a long way in Bali. We can buy enough bricks and cement for one small room with just $60. The community is helping us build it. People are donating food, labor and time. We are all pulling together to give these children a roof over their head in time for Christmas. Now, we need some help with getting the supplies and materials to build a solid home.

So, we invite you to join us in a GIVE IT UP TO GIVE IT OUT CHALLENGE!

For the month of November, we challenge you to GIVE UP one thing and donate that money towards building these children a home.

You can choose to ‘give it up’ for just one day…one week…or even a whole month!

We chose this challenge to remind us that so many go without the privileges that we regularly take for granted. Knowing that we often have more than most, would you be willing to spare a little this month to help this incredible cause?

You could:

  • Walk to work and donate your petrol costs
  • Pack yourself a healthy lunch instead of buying it on the go
  • Skip the greasy takeaway this week
  • Skip dessert after your meal
  • Choose some lower priced items at the supermarket
  • Give up a bad habit, and donate anyway!

Here at YOGI TIMES, we’re choosing to give up sugar this month – we’re saving on naughty treats and choosing something healthy after dinner!

GIVE IT UP TO GIVE IT OUT…and perhaps do something positive in your life too! Funds will go towards: Building materials and food supplies for the children. When we reach our target, a video will be posted of Tris and the children receiving your donation so that you know 100% is going directly to the orphanage.

You can donate here:

Here is one big THANK YOU from all of the children! Much love from all of us.

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