does your muscle speak to you?

speak muscle words love heal

In our everyday life, we juggle and struggle to carry out our daily chores and leisure activities. So our morning starts out with getting up and running for work. Evening is our time with family or time for self and then finally it is time for sleeping to glory! Imagine if in one of those busy days when your work calls for all your attention and family demands more of you, you find yourself lying in one corner of your bed experiencing a massive pain in your arm. You think you pulled a muscle or something? Every time you lift your arm there is great pain and agony. It restricts you from typing on your PC or lifting a bag or changing your clothes! I went through this. It may have been due to a wrong posture in sleeping or from a sudden stretch. I immediately applied a muscle relaxant to soothe the pain but there was slight inflammation. Even after one entire day of rest and light massage I continued undergoing the pain of same intensity. So I followed with warm compression to relax the muscles. Three days pass by … yet I still experienced discomfort.

What followed brought me at ease with the pain. Some of you might think that it is a pain killer or a bandage you need to get the muscle aligned in proper place. However, I simply touched the muscle, caressed the area that felt pain and spoke to it. ”˜Speaking to muscles’”¦.you ask???

Does that sound funny or irrational to you? But as much as you think it is funny”¦ it worked as a miracle. Consider each of our body parts as having its own identity. Your muscles, organs, tissues and every single cell of the 40 trillion cells in your body works selflessly to keep you alive, youthful, happy and on-going. Have you ever spoken to your body and paid gratitude to your lungs or heart or nervous system for working so efficiently even when you are sleeping. Every time, you experience a discomfort related to any part of your body, speak to it like a child! Haven’t you ever seen a child innocently talking to a doll or even a pet around the house? The only thing you have to remember is to have a child-like innocence while talking or else the other part of mind called ”˜Ego’ will simply reject it as illogical.

Hence, I had the most beautiful conversation with my arm muscle.

I love you. You have really been there for me; supporting my arm while I did all kinds of strenuous work. Thank you so much. I am sorry as I might not have taken care of you. Please forgive me.

Dear muscle, please align yourself in perfect order while I provide you with all the healing and nutrients that will help you with the same. I Love You. Thank you so much for being there. I have deep love, appreciation and gratitude for you!

By evening, I was feeling better. The pain had reduced tremendously and I knew that the body resonates with the language of love! 

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