water magic – restorative sea bath

an oasis of pleasure and solitude

A bath can be an oasis of pleasure and solitude. A dedicated time for tranquil refreshment in an otherwise continuously demanding world. Baths have extraordinary properties for healing, beauty, pleasure, and spiritual growth. Take time out for yourself, and for your partner and relax into an aromatic bliss with a restorative sea bath.

Here at YOGI TIMES we have complied a sequence of bath remedies thanks to aromatherapist and book author Mary Muryn’s (check out ‘Water Magic’) and we’ve added our own tips and tricks. We are honored to present Mary’s collected therapies and take you on a “watery journey of enlightenment” to discover the awaiting pleasures in your bathtub.

Both the preparation and partaking of a bath is a self-loving ritual – either alone or with another. A bath time can be used to explore your boundaries of pleasure and relaxation. Exercise care by taking a moment out of your hectic and humdrum life to become inquisitive and explore your needs. Despite a persistent niggle that there is no time for such frolicking, trust your instincts and set aside one night this month. Then try once a week, and soon you’ll want to bathe every night.

Stay tuned for more marvelously mesmerizing bath-related goodness. You can expect recipes, stories, and glimpses into Mary’s vastly colorful history. 

Let’s start by scrubbing away those dead cells with something you probably already have in your cupboard…

Restorative Sea Bath

Revitalizing And Refreshing After A Long Day

Purpose: Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, was born in the sea and emerged in a huge shell, a symbol for female sensuality. Many cultures believe that life originated from the sea and that it holds a special ability to heal and rejuvenate those nearby. Large bodies of water are highly charged electromagnetic fields and create negative ions; this combination enhances the feeling of well-being.

The Restorative Sea Bath tones, refreshes and revitalizes the body, like a dip in the ocean. You can even have the regenerative properties of the ocean at home.

1-2 lbs. organic, non-caking agent containing sea salt

Body Brush or Loofah for Restorative Sea Bath

The water shouldn’t be too hot, or the bath will tire you out. Find a comfortable warm temperature, put in the salt, and immerse yourself for ten to thirty minutes. Then, with a body brush or loofah, start at your feet and continue brushing or massaging your body in an upward direction toward your head. You’ll feel wonderfully rejuvenated.

Optional: After the bath, rinse yourself quickly with cold water. This, combined with the salt and the scrubbing will invigorate your energy.

Now, time to soak in!

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