how taking a restorative mental health day can help you recenter using yoga

Life can be stressful, and it’s natural to start feeling scattered and unbalanced when things get too much.

Whether you are going through callous times or tension is just catching up to you, a restorative mental health day can help you recenter yourself. 

Just taking a day off to recuperate and practice some mindful yoga can do wonders in helping you feel more relieved and in control.

It’s worth doing this even if you think you can still handle the stress you have on your day-to-day, if only to maintain your well-being. After all, the word is largely more stressed these days. Global surveys from Gallup show that most people feel less well-rested, and employees become increasingly emotionally detached

Even if you may not believe it at first, engaging in yoga and giving yourself a mental health day can be a refreshing experience if you take the proper steps. 

What is a Restorative Mental Health Day?

A restorative mental health day is meant to be something simple. It’s just a day that you dedicate to taking care of your mental well-being. The fundamental aim of this day is to grant yourself time to rest and rejuvenate.

This means focusing on physical and mental activities that will help you improve yourself and feel more balanced. 

How often you ought to take a mental health day varies per person, as everyone has different needs and situations that they are going through. Ideally, schedule a day dedicated to your self-care regularly as a means to decompress.

The frequency will depend on your schedule and preference, but the goal is to use this day to reset and then carry the healthy practices to other days of the week. 

The focus on self-care and mindfulness for both body and mind makes yoga and meditation inherent parts of the routine. From there, you can incorporate essential things like morning yoga, body scan meditation, and mindful eating into your daily routine. 

How to Do a Restorative Mental Health Day with Yoga

So, how exactly do you start your restorative mental health day and effectively use yoga? First, you should set a date for when you’re going to do your mental health day.

This will allow you to clear out your schedule and ensure you have the time and appointments you may want to get the best self-care. 

Although you don’t need to do these in any particular order, it’s best to get outside, meditate, and do some yoga.

You don’t have to overextend yourself, either. Even a simple routine with a few minutes of slow breathing while in nature can improve how you feel. It’s all about cultivating a sense of balance, listening to your body, and being mentally and physically present. 

Should your stress and anxiety manifest in physical ways, you can get a massage, go to the spa, and get some exercise.

If you prefer something more recreational, you can indulge in a hobby and do some reading. Having a peaceful routine that engages your mind while directly targeting your concentration and any pent-up stress is good.

Because you want to keep your mental health day healthy, this is also the time to be mindful of what you consume. Go for water and be aware of how much you are down; you’ll find more enjoyment as you take every bite. It also helps you to slow down and not feel mentally rushed all the time. 

Finally, clean up your environment and make sure you allow yourself to get enough rest. Make up your bedroom in the comfiest way you deem and get adequate sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, remove digital distractions, play some relaxing music, and start an unwinding routine that naturally relaxes your body and mind.

Benefits of Yoga and Mental Health Days

Mental health days and yoga help to improve emotional and mental health while helping you strengthen your body. Various forms and positions can match different people’s preferences and abilities, but they all result from feeling more centered and self-aware. 

A mental health day grounded by yoga practices isn’t just a bandaid solution, as you can start habits you can easily sustain in the long run. Studies show that even purposeful breaks that last an hour are enough to increase your energy and ability to focus. So, setting aside an entire day to disconnect can only be better to refresh your body and mind.