rebalance your physical self

For healers of all kinds, whether yogis, integrative, chinese medicine or ayurvedic doctors, mothers or fathers, or caregivers in spirit, mind, and body…the challenge is giving and caring for other beings is how to remain in balance so that you can continue to provide the highest level of care.

Think: put the oxygen mask on first, before you place it on your child…Why? Because if you forget to care for yourself then you may not be there when your child needs you. And, remember healer heal thyself. The more you can model effective, healthful living, the more credibility you have.

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Here are a set of habits that will easily bring you into balance.

In Chinese Medicine Theory energy, attention, and intention flow from shen….spirit.

So it is best, to begin at the beginning with your breath. Through your attention and intention with breath you can shift all aspects of your mind (thinking, beliefs, and cognitions) and body (heal disease and strengthen your brain, nervous, biochemical systems). This means mindful meditation, prayer, yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong are all actions that will assist you in centering yourself so that you may act and interact from a loving, compassionate, neutral, balanced, healthful state. Begin by connecting to your breath, your spiritual self though whatever practice has value for you.  Daily Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Aikido, or Qi Gong are excellent practices to assist you in coming into a balanced state.

These will assist with stress reduction, clarity of purpose, and overall health. Additionally, once you are in the habit of mindful meditation, or any other breath focused practice like yoga, you will be ready to address your mis-beliefs or imbalanced thinking.  

These practices assist you in calming your overused sympathetic nervous system so that you may return to calm, and connect with your instinctive self through your internal sensory guidance system. This results in a shift in your thinking: it allows for re-balanced thinking, releases the negative effects of stress on your brain, and your nervous systems and begins to heal not only your mind, but also your body.

To augment your re-balancing in your physical-self, pay attention to:

1. Your nutrition. Eat whole foods, primarily prepared by you. Pay attention to a balanced diet, not only balanced in flavors but also in various sources of plant based protein and nutirents that increase your sense of energy and health. Spirit/mind/body integration through your sensory guidance system leads to instinctive health. Through attention to your sensory guidance system, your 6 senses of sight, taste, sound, scent, and touch plus your intuition, you are able to instinctively know what you need and what is best for you. Pay attention to what you are craving, what your body is calling for through taste. Pay attention to flavors such as bitter, sweet, sour, bland, or salty (for further information on these flavors and meanings read five steps to balance your life) as when you are in balance these cravings directly guide you to what you need.

2. Exercise and rest are of great importance in rebalancing your thinking, your spiritual sense of self, and your physical being. Exercise at least an hour a day. Choose an exercise regime that creates a happy sensation for you; do the exercise out of love rather than need.  

3. Create a space every day for going within not only to meditate, but also to rest. Create space for activities that allow for rest. This has a very postive effect on the negative injuries of stress on your nervous, endocrine, circulatory, and limbic systems. 

4. Finally, remember to connect to groups, people and activities where you feel a part of a community.  Community connection is a powerful healer for healers. It helps healers to maintain healthful boundaries and offers assistence with important difficult expereinces that are a part of being a healer. These connections allow for positive health maintenance of your spirit and mind.

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