"i am doing it"- a yogi times project

“Yogi Times is Your Media. You Are Doing It!”

The “I AM DOING IT” project is our creative way of participating in raising consciousness in communities around the world –

We invite the most active leaders and influencers on this planet to join our project and be photographed. They are “doing it” big time in their community and they invite you to be “doing it “too – raise consciousness with your skills and passion in your own community.

From very close to far, wherever you are, in any city, we aim to provide a place where you can be “DOING IT” with us!  

Read inspirational content, submit articles, share photos, write reviews of the amazing places in your city that has provided joy and inspiration to a mindful and healthy lifestyle and share it with the Yogi Times’ community worldwide.

See who is part of the “I AM DOING IT” worldwide project 

Ashley TurnerHala KhouriMia HaberSeane CornMichelle Bohbot from Electric YogaJason Frahm, Tony and Maren Guliano from Yoga at the Raven and Whole Foods, Keri and Hermas Lassalle from Sacred Jewelry, Janabai and Matt Amsden from Rawvolution, Ann Gentry from Real Food Daily, Tara and Peter Guber from Yoga Edand Mandalay Entertainment, Eric and Julie Handler from Positively Positive , Lubna Salah from House of Shakti, Jonni Pollard with 1 Giant MindSpring GrooveDonna De LoryGuru Singh, Scott Lewicki, Sam Cawthorn, Ally Hamilton, Diana ElstadJoel Kramer, Eoin Finn and counting…  

We invite you to “start doing it” too, sign-in and make a difference with your skills and passion in your own city!

Don’t see your city yet? That’s because we need your help to launch it! Drop us a line at info@dev.yoga-teacher-training.yoga and see how we can get your city on the Yogi Times’ map.

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Sophie Parienti & Jc Gabler – Founders ”¨Yogitimes.com

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