the essential poetic philosophy of nataraj (shiva)

Poetic philosophy nataraj shiva sutras

I have been deeply driven into the story of Nataraj or Shiva as commonly known; the cosmic dancer who performs the divine dance to destroy that, which lies in our way.
I approached the story first, through the Natarajasana asana (lord of the dance pose or king dancer), and then evolved it into the Shivasana (corpse pose); expressing a new form of this story.
As I journey with my yoga students. we discuss and ask poignant questions. This thoughtful inquiry led to the birth of this poem. I thank the beloved yogis that are on the journey with me. May you take time and sip the poem and find a new way to approach the stories of the Yoga Journey


dancing on your obstacle

so that you never forget

you show us the strength needed to

stomp on all the injustices we see

you inspire us to never lose our grace

as we allow others to be

reminding us ….freedom avatars we all are

your hands extend gestures to us

as you point in all directions

honoring the four corners of our world

you entice us to pay reverence to this incredible life

and to create healthy boundaries

that allow us to be

the other hand holds the eternal flame of life


the alchemical fire that allows us to transform

all our experiences into pure wisdom


depicting the union of Yoni and Lingam

the song is heard as the

drum beat of our life

you call us to listen

Shakti is eternally present

in your grace

and in the beauty of the

slithering snake that wraps around you

reminding us of the eternal

Kundalini that lives within us all

I see your face

containing the gaze of serenity

reminding us that amidst the dance

and the layers of the sounds, the heat, the gestures and our own ignorance

let it never distract us

yet keep us present in the journey of the

Atha that leads to the Atman. 

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