loneliness in the city of angels

getting out from under the bridge

As I began penning this piece, I was guided to reference lyrics from The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song, Under the Bridge: “Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a partner/Sometimes I feel like my only friend/Is the city I live in, the city of angels/Lonely as I am, together we cry…”  Many souls share this sentiment, feeling so lonely and removed from the City of Angels. There is often a deeper knowing, however, that one is part of a larger community that grieves and breathes as One. Part of our journey is to remember this Truth.

Alienation is such a common human experience that oftentimes it is perceived as the norm. Technology has certainly contributed to the advancement of the microchip feeling unplugged from the Motherboard.  How can we wake up, reconnect and pull ourselves out from under the bridge?  If our individual laments join as one voice, will it be heard loudly enough to unite us where we realize we have always been in good company?  I strongly believe we are on our way, despite what we see before us.

How does a soul become alienated from others? There are several reasons. Since my take on life here in “Earth School” is spiritual, I will share a couple of cosmic explanations.  One can pre-birth plan a lonely physical experience.  Possible soul growth opportunities may include becoming more outgoing, more interdependent, or even famous. Post-incarnation free will chioce is another possibility.  When decisions have not been made for one’s highest good, one may find themself slipping further away from family, friends, neighbors, colleagues — the City of Angels. What belies the soul is this:  If I am part of a matrix, yet I have forgotten this integral part of my infinite experience in Creation, how do I return to knowing I have never been apart?

What a high challenge it is to go under the bridge!

On the surface, the soul under the bridge looks separate, not part of, removed or different from others.  Their ephemeral experience appears unique, as everyone has a story. Instances of separation can be found hiding everywhere:  The woman who grieves the loss of her child and slips into a depression; the child who refuses to play outside because his ever-beckoning video game commands they are best friends; the drinker on the bar stool who polishes off midday news reports before happy hour commences.  We have all probably experienced loneliness at one point in our lives.  If not, this has not been an important place to reside for our soul’s growth.

Beneath the surface, we find souls yearning for connectedness.  Connection to Spirit is primarily what they desire. Many lost faith and their divine one-on-one link with Everything There Is. Others disconnected from their own divinity. When one does not view themselves as a Godspark, they minimize their importance and entertain thoughts and engage in behaviors that diminish their worth. The “I-don’t-see-the-point-therefore-I-will-hide” sets in and souls begin to fall ill, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

How can one retrieve the soul who has left the City of Angels for the ‘burbs? Being outside in nature is a simple and easy way to realize you are not alone. Standing in water, sand, soil or on rock fastens you to these elements that bring your energy into alignment. Your spirit, which is housed in a holy temple (your body), is reminded that there is more — so much more than what you see, hear and feel before you. Watching animals, listening to sounds in nature, and feeling the wind and sun on your face awakens your senses that might have dulled while in isolation.

Reading spiritually uplifting books, saying positive affirmations, taking baths, carrying crystals, listening to music with positive lyrics and soothing tones, being in social settings where there is no expectation to interact with others, and playing with pets are healthy ways to return to civilization. Therapists and healers assist us in learning how we might have gone astray; they offer insight and suggestions how to reunite with our community. Addictions are to be addressed, as well. 12-Step can send a soul back home after just one meeting. Finding a meetup group with those who share similar interests often elicits smiles from many longing for like-mindedness. The list of possible remedies is endless.

No longer do you have to feel you are your only friend. We are all here to remember that we chose separateness in order to remember we are home and never left home. We are the City of Angels! To self-love and heal, to do the spiritual work necessary to rid oneself of old wounds, and to have faith that this journey is a fantastical fantasy for soul growth opportunity are the tickets out from under the bridge.

If you ever feel lonely, affirm, “I am a Godspark. I live in harmony with All That Exists. My world supports me. I am Love and am loved.”

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