all about jasmine oil

The oil is extracted from the jasmine flower.


Native to the Himalayas and Asia, jasmine is considered to be a sacred flower. The Hindus strung jasmine flowers together to form garlands and presented then to their most honored guests.

Jasmine is the sacred flower of the Hindu love god, Kama. A fragrant emblem of love, jasmine flowers are often entwined into bridal flowers at Indian weddings. This custom is said to promise the bridal couple a deep and lasting affection for eternity.

An ancient Indian myth of a princess who fell in love with the sun god Surya-Deva attempts to explain why the jasmine flower will only open its petals at night. According to the myth, the sun god rejected the princess’s love and she was so heartbroken that she killed herself. Her ashes were scattered to the ground, and from the ashes the beautiful jasmine grew. Since the sun god was responsible for her death, the jasmine flower would only open and release her perfume at night.

Jasmine has been revered for its aphrodisiac qualities, and known as a plant of love with a great influence on both males and females.


• Releases inhibition, liberates imagination, develops playfulness. Transcends physical love, releasing male and female sexual energy.

• Antidepressant; relaxes nerves, relieves muscle spasms and cramping.

• Jasmine is known as a romantic and powerfully relaxing oil that will uplift and soothe.

• Users swear that it floats away any worries or anger, nervousness or irritability.

• Jasmine sedates the nervous system, so it is good for jangled nerves, headaches, insomnia, depression and for taking the emotional edge off PMS and menopause, although keep in mind its age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac.

• Studies at Toho University School of Medicine in Tokyo show that jasmine also enhances mental alertness and stimulates brain waves. In another study, it was able to help computer operators reduce by one-third the number of mistakes they made.


• Used as an aid to calm the mind, jasmine has high value in skin care where it is used on dry or sensitive skin and to reduce wrinkling and rejuvenate an aging complexion. It also eases muscle cramping, such as menstrual cramps.

• Cosmetically, the oil is wonderful for sensitive or mature skin. In its native India, jasmine flowers infused into sesame oil are applied to abscesses and sores that are difficult to heal. A similar preparation can be made by adding 2 drops of jasmine essential oil to 1 ounce vegetable oil.

Safety precautions

Due to its emmenagogue properties it should not be used in pregnancy. Using too much of this oil could impede concentration, as it is a deeply relaxing oil.

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