it’s time to drop your old story

Could you be carrying around something that causes you unnecessary suffering?

It’s something that holds you back from living the life you want, disconnects you from others, and keeps you stuck in old patterns…

It’s your story.

We all create a story about ourselves based on the way life works for us. Common self-defeating story-lines might be:

“I do not belong.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I should be doing more.”

“Life is hard.”

“Everyone else is better than me.”

Super uplifting, aren’t they?

If you can relate to any of them, you’re not alone. Christine Hassler, one of our top Spiritual Life Coaches at YOGI TIMES UNIVERSITY, is helping thousands of people break free from their old stories and re-write a more empowering one.

Christine shares some practical advice in the below podcast. She says, “Put yourself in situations that stretch you outside your comfort zone. To truly drop our story, we can re-wire the brain by consciously putting ourselves in situations that trigger a new script.”

But before we change what’s going on in the external world, we need to start by changing the patterns internally first. After all, transformation is energetic.

If your personal growth work involves only analyzing yourself, processing your past, and planning your future, your vibration will stay the same, and you will not shift your story on an energetic level.

Christine shares some valuable advice in the podcast below. Tune in and practice re-writing that story that has been holding you back:

Christine says, “I truly believe anyone can change their story. Anyone can transform. With the right tools, transformation can happen quicker than you think.”

Christine Hassler course

If you would like to practice upgrading your thoughts so you feel clearer and stronger, join Christine Hassler in her upcoming free video workshop here.

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