5 ways to integrate yoga in your everyday life

understand how to do yoga in the right spirit and make it a part of your everyday life

The beauty of being in yoga goes beyond stretches and flexes on the mat. The body, mind, and spirit come together in harmony when yoga is practiced right. The chaos and clashes of our fragmented selves dissolve, giving way to eternal peace. Channeling out accumulated toxins and negative thought energy from the corporeal body and its psychic counterpart by the means of intense physical exercise and meditation, yoga helps the practitioner rediscover their pure self. Yoga is a confirmation of the pure heart, true intent, and infinite capability that every being is born with. To give into the practice of yoga thoroughly will help one overcome apparent limitations and have an unwavering faith in love, harmony, and inherent goodness of the universe. Be a believer and let your yoga continue beyond the hours on the mat, in everything you do, think, and perceive. Here is a guide on how to do yoga in life at large, retaining the keynotes of right practice which you must savour in every facet of your life: Breath – The medium of pranic life force Breathing in yoga is more than a mechanical system of the body. It is a wonderful tool we are equipped with to connect to the fountain of life flowing inside of us. We can implement concentration upon breath to think and realize deeply, breath intensification can be practiced to calm an agitated mind or bring vigor to an exhausted body. Though breathing as a bodily mechanism is constant, we don’t do it consciously. The discipline of yoga teaches us to be conscious about this pervading process of life. With pranayamic exercises which are basically different ways to breath, included in the practicum of yoga, you would learn to own your breath. This is the first step towards creating a life of peace and unceasing energy. Mantra- Pronounce your empowerment In yoga, sound or the idea of a sound is a medium of spiritual energy. The sonority of a word pronounced is thought to be carrying the vibe. A mantra is such a magical pronouncement, potent with the powers of affirmation and faith. Start your day with an affirmation of your choosing— short, clear, and ringing mantras to self-orient and adjust to. It could be about something you want to change about your life, or a prayer for the world, or an inspirational lyric that gives you strength. Give yourself a mantra to focus upon when the negative thoughts are crowding in, or for a time your morals are low and distractions must be kept at bay. Let the mantra vibe invade your thought so much so that everything else dissolves. Remind yourself, you are the sole navigator and owner of your life and existence. Nothing can lead you astray. The code of truth – Stop living the lies To live a more meaningful life, you must let the masks of lies slip away. However convenient or comfortable may lies be, it will ultimately cheat you from real values. To be more in sync with the truth of the universe, practice truth in your thoughts, words, and action. Be aware at all times. Look into your heart for what you truly feel and express that without pretense. In the dog-eat-dog world of the modern times, goodwill and humane qualities are often compromised for self-gain. The challenge is to keep true even in the face of ruthless survival war. The moral-ethical strands of yoga will help you strengthen internally to stay upright and honest through your toughest days. Renounce – Nothing must hold you back Don’t get bogged down under the pressure of attachment and expectations. Remember, you are free as the birds in the sky. Every once in awhile, let things go. The most painful memory of your life will sublimate into a beautiful picture in the archives of your mind only if you can master how to do yoga in detachment. Let go, and become freer. Karma – Salvation through selfless action Karma is the way of performing actions without expectations. It is the ultimate path of yoga where the joy maximizes with selflessness. This dictum asks every individual to toil on, on the path of duty and righteousness (dharma), but for the sake of the joy of performing action only, not in the pursuit of a personal reward. When you have mastered the art of detachment from the fruits of action, you will know, you have come full circle on your learning of yoga.

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