inhale! exhale! tips for beginners

Never underestimate the power of your breathing. It aids to release emotional pains and physical pains, while working to keep us calm during various yoga postures.

You can always hear instructors repeat “Inhale! Exhale!” as the students try to control their breathing and gracefully slide into their intended poses without too much effort. But in reality, this isn’t always the case. 

My heart was beating erratically at the threat of coming into a particular warrior pose and as a beginner I was silently tortured by the lunges as the instructor intentionally counted the number of seconds slowly to ensure maximum results and to test our capability to stay strong in times of trouble. Many of us beginners began to tremble as the pain in our thighs was too much for us to handle, but nevertheless, we persevered. We are excited by the many doors that yoga can open for us and to just be free from all the negativity which we face. To be in the moment and to enjoy every second of it.

“Good job, Beverly!” Selena, our yoga instructor, gave me a sincere compliment as the warmth of her smile echoed in her voice. I was busy trying to push my thighs as much as possible as I went into full forward fold. I was determined to have proper alignment while doing yoga and to have a straight back given the benefits of doing a forward fold correctly.

All of us listened carefully to Selena as she gave clear instructions on how to do the postures. Her voice was resonant and impressive. The whole group of us students were defiant to the tiredness of our bodies and an expression of satisfaction showed in our eyes at the end of the class.

I gave myself a pat on the back for my efforts and determination to beat the odds. After all, there is no harm in doing some yoga for boosting low self-esteem and to de-stress from troubles.

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