human on a spiritual journey

human on a spiritual journey yoga poetry art

As a human on a spiritual journey I set mellow goals for myself from time to time. A general idea of what and who I could be.

Completely realistic, healthy and open minded. With room to grow. Here it is:

Heart of Mother Teresa

Dance moves of Beyonc�

Meditation style of Gandhi

Rap skills of Iggy

Intellect/Bank Account of Bill Gates

Bum of Adriana Lima

Wit of Melissa McCarthy

Surf Skills of Kelly Slater

Pout and beautiful locks of Meghan Fox

Chest area of Kate Upton

Instagram Followers of Kendall Jenner

Motivation of Tony Robbins …

And this is how unrealistic us humans are.

This could never be real. No way. No how. They aren’t even real. We only see perfect, photoshopped, groomed versions of themselves.

Yet we give so much energy wishing and comparing. Let’s use our energy to be better humans. To love and to create and to help.

What are we doing to make this world better? No more Hollywood nonsense. It’s real life time. We are the most imperfect creatures yet. So let’s perfect the art of unconditional love.

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