saying no to get a yes!

Spending time getting to know yourself

Reflecting on what you truly want is an essential part of your self-discovery. When we stop distracting ourselves comes the great benefits of stillness. 

With stillness, the inner self shows up and speaks louder.

Let this current global event have a personal effect on clearing up your wants. Without guilt around saying ‘No’ to the unwanted, it will help you clarify what you do want.

‘No’ will allow you to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect from you.

What are the personal and professional choices that resonate with you at this very moment? What do you want?

If you have allowed society to mold you into the person you thought you should be, and with this came disappointment, overwhelm, and frustration, then, now is the time to address it carefully.

Tap into your heart and soul by slowing down and listening to your deep desires. (not your thoughts but what the heart is asking for)

It’s easy to make excuses. We all do, and we usually know them by heart.

• I am not capable of launching my own business.

• I don’t know anyone that could help me start.

• I am too overwhelmed to make decisions.

• I don’t know if I can do this.

• I don’t have the time or money to go after my dreams.

• I am too old now

• I have too much to do, and I can’t do this.

Before being able to change these beliefs, you have to be clear about what you truly want.

If you find yourself using these excuses and allowing them to stop you from living a life true to yourself, you can change this. In this process, find inner peace towards freedom, success, and happiness.

For you to do so, the first step is to get to know yourself and figure out what you want, and to write it down is a simple yet efficient process. 

Make a list of all the things you know you no longer want in your life.

Being clear on what you do not wish to will immediately generate more clarity on what you do want.

Write that you no longer want:

Example: I don’t want to feel stressed anymore

I don’t want …….

I don’t want……..

I don’t want …….

I don’t want……..

Next, write down what you want:

Example: I want to feel calm and relaxed.

I want…..

I want…..

I want…..

I want….

Are you ready to let go of what you do not want?

If so, start to put all your intention and your absolute focus on what you want. Print the above list of your wants, and post it in various areas of your home, put it on your computer screen saver, on your phone screen, and make sure to go through that list daily. 

In essence

Have the courage to start saying NO to the unwanted, knowing that with each no, you are opening a yes to what you truly want.

To all your wants and desires!

Sophie Parienti is the Editor-in-Chief of YOGI TIMES and active Relationships & Communication coach. find out more at

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