7 days to balance your life: day 5

If higher vibration is what you’re after, eliminate the negativity and live in the now.

Negative thoughts create low vibrations.

When you give attention to the perceived situation your mind has created, you leave yourself open to even more negative thoughts.

That stops now.

Byron Katie, best selling author of the book ‘Loving what is’ has educated millions of people on the subject of powerful thoughts and how we are in control of our joy.

Byron inspires us to stop fighting reality and be in the flow of what is. She delves deeper into the concept of loving the present moment, instead of what you interpret it to be.

One of the best ways to implement this concept is to practice NVC “nonviolent communication”. Although we refer to it as a “way of communication” or “a language of compassion”, NVC is more than a process, it is a way of life. On a deeper level, it is an on-going reminder to keep our attention focused on a place where we are more likely to get what we are seeking.

We are not saying that this happens quickly and magically.

All we want you to focus on is how you perceive the situation. What it is (factually) versus what you perceived it to be.


1. Think about 3 situations you are experiencing that trouble you at the moment.

2. Grab a piece of paper and write them down.

Example: My husband is so rude to me and does not even care that he yells at me. My son is so clumsy, he always knocks his glass off the table.

3. Ok, now notice all words of judgment, evaluation or labeling of the situation. Stick with the factual reality of what actually happened, and not what you interpreted it to be (ex: rude, not even, clumsy)

4. Then rewrite the situation only from the factual description (what actually happened).

Example: My husband yells at me. My son knocked a glass off the table and it broke.

Then take a moment. How do you feel when you write the second version of your observation?

Can you notice that the vibration is lighter? Can you observe that you are stating a fact and no longer judging the situation?

By eliminating the labeling, judgment or evaluation of a situation, you can free yourself from the constraints of your thoughts and stop creating negative emotions around a situation. Loving what is (factually) keeps your vibration closer to the energy of life and love and will literally transform your life.

In our next article EMBRACING NVC – NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION, we will share with you a simple technique to constantly be in alignment with what is.

Share with us in the comments below the diminishing words you caught yourself using on a daily basis.

NOTE: Add the POWER OF WHAT IS to days 1, 2, 3 and 4 and you’ll be one step closer to your highest vibration.

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