what is a life purpose


what is your gift?

Purpose. When we have one, it is the thing that inspires us to wake up and take on every day with excitement and passion, to leap out of bed with the idea that we are going to make a contribution and a difference in the world. When we are without a purpose, we often find ourselves asking questions like, “why am I here?” or feeling that if only we could get our life together, then we could find our purpose. Many people who have lost sight of their purpose in life often fall into the trap of letting influences from society, fashion or the media dictate their purpose, creating a downward spiral of disillusionment, disconnectedness and a neverending pursuit of the next trend or the new “in thing.”

We were all born with a purpose. It makes up the essence of who we are. When we get in touch with our own personal gift to this world, which makes up the core of our purpose, it gives meaning to our daily routine and lifts us out of that unfulfilled place into an exciting, driven, fulfilled life. It is not necessarily something that can be put into words, but it informs all of our actions and colors all of the relationships in our lives. In essence, it gives life meaning.

Meaning is what takes us out of a life consumed by “me, me, me,” and opens our eyes to the world and people that surround us. Meaning is not something we invent. It is something that we discover or recognize. The wonderful part of finding meaning in life is that it does not take total reform to step into it or take it on. As we become aware of it, it feels natural, like we have known it all our lives.  

For most, finding and tailoring a life purpose is not something that we figure out by taking a “life purpose quiz,” but starting a process of awareness and building on that over time will open up the path that leads to a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Here are some questions to begin that process and help find an impact statement that has significant meaning for you. With these questions, you are looking for clues that will guide you to find your life purpose statement. A purpose that is true to you will carry joy. If after searching you come up with something that has pain attached, then you have not found it. Search again.  

1. What was an abandoned dream that you had as a child that is still around today? As a child, I dreamed of being a _____, What is the essence of that profession if you take the title away?

2. What obstacle or hardship have you overcome? How did you overcome it and how could you help others with a similar obstacle?

3. If you could deliver your most powerful message to a group of people, what would you say?

4. Ask yourself what does your partner, family, coworker or community, rely on you for?  

5. What political leader, spiritual leader, social leader, business leader, family member or friend inspires you and why?

6. Imagine yourself as an old person sitting on your porch with all your family, grandchildren and loved ones sitting around you. They are all saying wonderful things about you and what you have done in your life. What are they saying?

7. The results of this purpose will be around long after you are gone. What is the ripple effect you wish to leave as your legacy? How do you wish to impact the world and those around you?  

Each one of us has a unique gift. In spreading your gift you will make a difference. Sharing your true self will have an impact on those close to you, your community and the world.  

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