how to create a powerful first impression online

hook your target audience through these 6 tips

Be aware that people read less and less! If someone spends five seconds on your website, their first impression will be based on the visual language and headlines. This is your brief way to engage your visitors, make your offer, or sell your service. In marketing, there is something called the Rule of Seven: the consumer needs to see your brand seven times over an 18 month period before purchasing your service or product.¹ Are you making the best first impression? Learn how to make an even better one by creatively speaking to your target audience :

1. In their shoes : One of the most important activities is to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Using empathy is key in leveraging creativity to speak with your audience. What kind of language would your audience clearly understand? What are you offering that is unique? How can you highlight it online? Brainstorming is the best part of any project, so why not start there?!

2. Storytelling: Now that we have moved businesses to an online space with a screen between us, there is a need to remind your clients that you are human. Storytelling is one of the best ways you can do this. Try to create a shared experience that reminds your audience there is a person on the other side of the screen routing for them! See a great example of storytelling, the coffee bean’s journey, here .

3. Multimedia : Tell a story through multimedia: graphics, videos, illustrations, etc. Humans are ‘visually wired’ and in the digital age, we are all trying to absorb information faster than we did yesterday. Wharton School of Business conducted a study that found people were more persuaded by a verbal presentation accompanied with visuals than one without.² Create powerful visuals (logo, business card, cover photo, etc.) for your audience that resonate with your brand, and you will stand out from the noise.

4. Mission: Share your mission and explain why. Remind your clients your business is run by humans who had a specific vision and reason to begin. Sharing this with your clients can gain their trust and loyalty.

5. Character: Think of your brand as a person and add character to your ‘online voice.’ Think of Facebook’s friendly voice, Twitter’s hip voice, or Apple’s innovative voice. Do you want your character’s voice to be fun, serious, or charming? Keep it consistent by incorporating it into all the platforms you use.

6. Participation: What kind of engagement do you want from your audience? For example, if you are a yoga studio, make creative polls where your followers can choose their favorite time of day to practice yoga, create a campaign where your followers post a picture of a yoga pose you name and tag your studio, or introduce your teachers through a fun video or using a bitmoji of them.

Take advantage of the digital age and be imaginative ; the more distinct your brand , is the more you ‘ll stand out to potential clients!

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