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a powerful lesson

Powerful lessons are with us every day.  Staying in awareness has us feel those challenges, and often we want to flee.  Yet it is when we stay that little bit longer and really feel the emotion that our greatest learning comes, just as you give up and retreat into numbness, the learning comes and you move into a new understanding of yourself and why you are here.  So when it gets really tough, hang in there. It will pass and you will get your insight; quit too soon and the suffering is intensified as you create a wall (to protect yourself) which keeps you from reaching that insight.

I recently witnessed such a moment.  When awareness showed my client that he was really stuck in a negative pattern with finance, he was having a really hard time with himself. Even though he was doing everything on the surface to not be that way, it still pushed through as if its driving force came from his subconscious.

How was he to change a force that was so deep he could not even see it? It was through an open awareness that he become cognizant of its continual effect on his life.  It was an effect for which he had had many reasons and excuses as to why it was that way, yet the results he was getting did not reflect his desire. 

This was a pattern that had been discussed many times before. He knew of it, yet he had not fully accepted or taken in that it was his very own pattern””his blueprint””one that he inherited and created in his youth that was still with him, generating lack.

As hard as it was (for his ego anyway), accepting that this blueprint was his allowed him to really take on board the affect it was having in his life.  He recognized that this pattern, how ever well understood, needed changing. 

He was seeing the glass as being half empty. His blueprint was to see financial dealings from fear, not love.

Now he consciously catches himself as he utters statements or phrases that are charged with fear (as subtle as they may be) and changes the phraseology to love, or creation.  As he does this, the old pattern has started to shift and a new habit has begun to form””a habit that reinforces creation and gets results.

Being aware of the blueprint enables him to work with it.  If fear presents itself, he is able to move through it with the knowledge that he had created it and that it does not have any bearing on his current situation.  His vision of the half-empty glass is simply a fearful blueprint.

Awareness is key here.  By remaining aware of how he is being in every moment, he is able to know whether his current behavior is in line with his inner guidance or not, and can make changes accordingly.

We create our lives every moment we breathe. We have the power in that moment to affect  change.  Our thoughts create our actions, so simply by thinking that the glass is half full you have already changed your behavior, and thus your actions and way of being will reflect that.

Keeping centered, being in touch with your inner guidance or centered space is key to maintaining a balance in your every day life.  If your yoga practice does not bring you that peace and calm I recommend that you find some sort of meditation or spiritual practice as a routine that gives space and time for your inner self to exercise, for your soul to show you the connection it has to your physical and mental body.  This will allow your full divine wisdom to lead and guide you in every move you make.

When you start to include this divine wisdom and purpose in your life, your ability to stay in awareness and learn from your life becomes a joy you can experience every breath you make.

Hermas Lassalle is a certified co-active life coach. Call him or email him with any questions you may have, or if you would like to set up a session.

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