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the sound of healing

David Elliott is a “clairaudient” healer. He “hears” through his senses, and he recognizes the many emotions and fears people are holding inside.  Through listening and basic breathing techniques, David has helped thousands of people around the world achieve greater clarity and happiness in mind, body and spirit. He is a true Southern gentleman with the good looks of a Hollywood hunk to boot. Truth be told, David was a working Hollywood actor before he was spiritually called to become an alternative healer. He is the author of the current best-selling book ”˜The Reluctant Healer.’ The book tells the story of his journey to become the noted healer is he today.

Yogi Times: David, explain to me what clairaudient means and how you first knew you were clairaudient. How do you define your gift?

David Elliott: Clairaudience is a gift of hearing and speaking associated with the throat chakra. I see this gift most commonly with writers and musicians. Apparently it is less common with healers. I found out about clairaudience fifteen years ago from another healer. I did not think I had a gift before that time, and quite truthfully it was more of a curse. It was extremely difficult hearing the thoughts and subconscious of relationship partners. It always seemed to get in the way and hinder relationships. Once I learned about this gift, I have become more conscious of my boundaries in relationships.

It is still a challenge for those close around me. They rarely are able to hide anything from me. When I am working with someone it gives me an instant connection to the way they think about themselves, the positive and negative thoughts they listen to, and the places in the body their energy is blocked. It’s a wonderful gift. The more I have worked with it, the more refined it gets.

YT: Tell us a bit about your background and your transition from actor to healer.

David Elliott: I grew up on a big farm in Kentucky with animals and nature, so I always knew my experience was different from others. But once I began living in cities I realized that I was vastly different than most of the people I was around. After getting my MBA degree, I moved out to LA to try acting.

That began a great deal of healing for me and I began to understand myself emotionally. A short time after that, I started getting stopped by people who would say that I was their healer. It was happening on a regular basis and made me wonder about myself. Finally I said, “Okay, God, you need to send me some answers.” A couple of days after I had said those words to God, I got a call from a friend who said she had met someone she wanted me to meet and he was a healer.

Sure enough, I met him a few days later. At first I was very bothered by the whole thing but when he told me I was clairaudient and that I hear the answers to people’s questions before they even ask them, slowly it began to make sense. I wasn’t that open to what he was saying, but when he started telling me about my relationships, my family, and everything about me, I became more curious and realized he definitely had a key to opening me up.  I was still acting, but finally I agreed to see about five people a week.  That quickly expanded and I became a healer full time.

YT: You work with the pranayama yogic breath.  Why is it so vital for your work?

David Elliott: Working with the breath is the most basic of yoga principles. I use the prana yogic breath to connect people to their energy. The breathing exercise creates a meditative state which is the basis of healing and enlightenment. The problem for most people is that they don’t breathe properly, holding their breath and breathing too shallowly to release tension and blocked energy. The breath is the most effective tool in balancing a person’s energy.  Everybody has blocks in his or her body. 

They can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Blocks would best be described as any of the negative emotions: fear, anger, sadness and depression. Breath clears the blocks out of the body and balances the energy.  People hold their breath in their day-to-day lives because they live in their heads, not in their bodies. I work with the breath because I know from my experience that it’s the fastest way to help people transform their lives. I teach people that there is another way to heal, other than drugs. It’s the most basic, it’s free and it’s truly healing. Basically, I access energy through a breathing technique, or breathing rhythm, and the vibration moves through the nervous system. When people are breathing more, it focuses and balances the brain. Through breathing we can actually activate the hypothalamus gland, which in turn expands the person’s consciousness and helps with creativity and centeredness.

YT: How does pranayama heal exactly?  Can anyone do it anytime?  Can you give specifics? 

David Elliott: I use pranayama because it is an active meditation; it is the most effective way to get Westerners to meditate. By breathing we can give people something to do to neutralize their busy brains. In addition the increased oxygen flow is healing in several ways:

1. It alkalizes the body by oxygenating the blood – like exercise.

2. The oxygen stimulates the endorphin system through the ductless glands – hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, ovaries, testicles – and stimulates the body to release blocked energy.

3. Meditating is a proven way to release tension and unwanted negative energy.

4. Working with one’s energy and raising the vibration will provide a definite recharge to the person physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

I encourage people to do the breathing meditation for ten minutes every day. I see the best results in those who consistently do the work. Once a person is able to master their energy flow and raise it at will, then the breath is not needed as much as a tool. Pranayama is a tool to get you in touch with your energy. Once that is accomplished, other levels of meditation and consciousness can be experienced.

YT: How does yoga serve you in your own life? Why do you feel it is so in vogue now?

David Elliott: I realize that occasionally I hold tension in my body and don’t breathe deeply. I practice yoga because it helps brings balance with my body, mind and spirit. It helps me release stress, pent-up energy and provides physical and spiritual conditioning. The yogic breath is extremely effective in quieting the western mind. Yoga is spreading across the country because it works.  People are busy and schedule-oriented, they need to physically stretch and work with the body. Then the breathing kicks in and they can let go with their mind. Once I can get people to stop thinking, they can connect to their spiritual selves. That’s what most people are hungry for.

YT: What’s the number-one question people ask you?

David Elliott: How can they can stop taking on negative energy from others? I teach people to connect to their energy and learn to use it positively to create what they want in their life. When people are using their creativity in a positive way, negative energy is not an issue. Positive boundaries fall into place when people are realizing their potential.

YT: How can a person become his or her own healer? What are the steps one would need to take?

David Elliott: As a person connects to their energy through breath, the healing process becomes experiential. In the healing experience we access healing on four ascending levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Energy is the catalyst to shift the healing up to the spiritual level. Once the experience elevates to the spiritual level you become your own healer. Something magical happens here. Spirit flows as energy through our nervous system, which is connected to the chakra system in the body.

This healing work cleanses people’s spiritual pathways through the chakra/nervous system. This is accomplished by teaching people to raise the vibration of their energy on all four levels. The first is the physical level, waking up their consciousness to energy. The second is the emotional level, replacing fear, anger, and sadness with love, and joy. The third is the mental level, creating positive intentions for taking action. The fourth is the spiritual level, connecting to the universal energy flow, so the person can recharge. As this cleansing occurs, you are able to choose the programming you want with your body, mind and spirit. I’ve seen this in my own life and with the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years.

My main goal is to teach people how to heal themselves. Where awareness goes, energy flows. I help people heal and realize how everyone is their own healer. The primary thing I do is to help people get in touch with their energy and raise their vibration; because as they raise the vibration, the negative stuff – the fears, the depression, the anger – dissipates. It’s really important that people get in balance and start to feel themselves expand and connect and maintain their own power.

YT: What are the main challenges you feel that people face that stop them from attaining happiness in their lives?  How does your approach to healing help with these challenges?

David Elliott: I work with people to help them find the spiritual truth in their lives. I am able to do this by connecting them to the energy flow of their spirit. Once a person experiences the tangible feeling of the energy flow of spirit they change. They start to wake up and remember their life purpose. As this happens people are able to make choices about themselves emotionally and mentally. If people are clear about who they are, I find that they generally are happy and content with their lives. The modern world is so full of distraction, illusion and confusion it is no wonder that people do not know who they are. Even though I listen to people talk about physical, emotional and mental problems, I speak to them and work with them in a spiritual manner.

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