claiming it…

i could be,

leaping for a fly ball

ferrying a puck

swinging a club made of iron or wood

it’s all about testing”¦some deep place within

i could be on,

a diamond

a track

on ice or a fairway

i could be courting some opponent worthy

i could be, 


shooting under par

firing an ace

crossing a line at some finish

i could be pitching a flag at the top of some peak


but instead i’m here, inspired all the same

scaling my own mountains

cracking the code to THIS soul

claiming it

just me and the light filtering in

a contest supreme

meandering the quiet, the truth

making my way back

exalted like the pitcher, the striker and the guard

yet who’s keeping score?

no trophies

no cheering

no medals

no podium finish

just me here in the stillness, wrapped in the breath

charged to channel this will transformed

the merit not all mine

cracking the code to THIS soul

claiming it”¦

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