yogic wisdom – 4 detoxification practices

discover the ancient indian secrets of holistic detoxification

Traditionally detoxification therapies were practiced to cleanse and purify the energies of the body, mind, and spirit in order to attain higher states of consciousness and inner peace.

Today, we can embrace these holistic practices to assist our physical body in removing the accumulated toxins from our diet and environment, our mental body in releasing our negative thought processes, and our emotional body in dispelling our irrational fears, to allow the free flow of our energies and restore our entire being to its natural, balanced healthy state.

Detoxification practices include:

Raw food diet

Raw food diets deeply cleanse and replenish the body’s energies to restore joy, vitality, and peace of mind.

A raw food diet consists of whole, uncooked plant-based foods like fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and tubers, nuts and seeds, sprouted grains and legumes, seaweed and avocados. All of the nutrients required by the body are available in a plant-based diet in a form that is easily assimilated.

A raw food diet can be adopted for the weekend as a mini detox, for the summer when we are instinctively drawn to cooler foods, or as a long-term lifestyle choice.

To assist with the transition from a cooked food diet to a raw food diet, try incorporating the following:

• Cooked carbohydrates are replaced with sprouted grains and sprouted bread.

• Cooked proteins are replaced with sprouted legumes, nuts and seeds.

• Refined fats are replaced with avocados and cold-pressed oils.

• Refined sugars and desserts are replaced with raw honey and dried fruit.

• Processed milk and cheese is replaced with raw nut and seed milk and cheeses.

• Fruit and vegetables are eaten in their natural raw form.

• Drinks include freshly pressed fruit and vegetables juices and smoothies.

Ginger/mustard foot baths

The use of ginger root or mustard seeds in foot baths for detoxification works by warming the body’s tissues which encourage the removal of excess moisture and impurities through perspiration.

• Fill a bucket with approximately three liters of hot water.

• Add one rounded tablespoon of fresh, finely grated ginger root or one tablespoon of ground mustard seeds.

• Leave to infuse for five minutes.

• Immerse your feet and ankles in the water for up to twenty minutes, carefully adding more hot water as it cools.

• Dry your feet thoroughly and wear natural fiber socks to absorb any further perspiration.

• Practice daily for up to six weeks.

Mudra healing

Expressional hand gestures that balance the body’s elements. The Purifying Mudra detoxifies and energizes the body and mind.

To practice:

• Place the tip of your thumbs at the base of each ring finger, on the side closest to the middle finger.

• Relax the remaining fingers.

• Practice two times a day for thirty minutes each during relaxation.

Color healing

The universe is bathed in a spectrum of colors each of which is associated with a specific chakra. Absorbing color through chakras detoxifies our physical, mental and emotional energies to promote healing.

Red assists in detoxifying the root chakra and is associated with the lymph glands, addictions, obesity and feelings of safety, security, and peace of mind.

Orange assists in detoxifying the sacral chakra and is associated with the reproductive glands, hormonal issues, creativity and low self-esteem.

Yellow assists in detoxifying the solar plexus chakra and is associated with the adrenal glands and pancreas, digestive issues and blocked emotions.

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Green assists in detoxifying the heart chakra and is associated with the thymus gland, heart and lung ailments, self-love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Blue assists in detoxifying the throat chakra and is associated with the thyroid gland, throat, neck and gum ailments, and self-expression.

Indigo assists in detoxifying the brow chakra and is associated with the pituitary gland, eye, nose and ear ailments, wisdom and innate intuition.

Purple assists in detoxifying the crown chakra and is associated with the pineal gland, nerves, memory, and connection with spiritual realms.

Traditionally, color was absorbed from the sun by natural methods. During the winter we can benefit from the following method:

• Place a 60W bulb of the desired color in a lamp that can be adjusted, so the light can be directed onto your back, at the location of the specific chakra that requires detoxification.

• If a colored bulb is not available, colored light filter gels can be used.

• Place the lamp two feet away from the affected chakra.

• Absorb the light on to your back for ten minutes, two times a day for up to six weeks.

Mind, body, and spirit detoxification practices instill positive healthy thoughts, feelings, and habits into our everyday life to assist in releasing accumulated impurities and restore optimum well-being. 

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