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Best Marketing Tips Strategies for Bloggers Yoga Business

Of 1.6 billion websites in the World Wide Web, over 500 million are recognized as blogs. Bloggers are responsible for over two million posts daily. They are the people who tirelessly share their stories to inform, educate, guide, and inspire others.

Whether you’re new to blogging or have been in this career for so long, there is one important aspect that you should always take into account – blog marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you have great stories to tell the world. If you don’t market your blog effectively, you are less likely to reach as many readers as you want.

There are tons of marketing strategies that can be used for blogging. But what do successful bloggers swear by? What are the most effective this 2019?

Build your network.

No one can help you best more than your fellow bloggers. If you’re clueless on where to start, look at your network. How is your relationship with other bloggers in your niche? Do you personally know any of them? In order to gain maximum exposure on social media, you need other bloggers to help you share your posts. But why would they bother sharing your contents? There are two common reasons. One, they find your contents really valuable and something that will interest their readers. Two, they also need you to share their contents in exchange for doing the same for you. Additionally, networking with other bloggers is a great way to learn and share best practices. Certainly, through collaboration, you and your fellow bloggers can help each other in many areas of marketing.

How do you build your network? You don’t have to flood their inboxes with requests to collaborate. You can network with other bloggers by following them on social media and liking or commenting on their posts.

Learn SEO.

Search engine optimization has a critical role in the success of your blog. 60-70% of the traffic generated by blogs come from search engines. When people search for something relevant to the contents you create, you want your blog to show up on the first page of major search engines, such as Google. SEO is a complex process. And it might take some time before you can get good results especially if you have just started your blog. It can be beneficial to use an all-in-one marketing platform that lets you tackle all aspects of SEO in one go.

Among the SEO strategies that you can start with is keyword optimization. You must identify the right keywords to use for your blog posts. Luckily, there are tools and plug-ins that you can use, such as Google Keyword Planner. Another SEO strategy is link building. You can start by linking keywords to other contents from your own website (also called interlinking). Aside from boosting your blog’s SEO, it also helps reduce the bounce rate of traffic generated on your website.

Use social media.

With the arrival of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, blog sharing has never been this big and widespread. Most people use social media every day. And because of this, social media has become a primary platform for content sharing.

Your goal is to get as many social shares as possible. How? There are many ways to do this. You can start by integrating Facebook comments on your blog. When people find your post helpful, they are likely to mention it on social media. Even if they don’t, if they comment on your post directly from your blog, those comments will show up on Facebook. You can do the same on Twitter. You can use Twitter mention as comment plugins in your blog. You should add social media sharing buttons too, to make it easier for your readers to share your posts.

Furthermore, link other bloggers’ content or ask influencers to share their experiences by interviewing them and incorporating their stories on your blog post. And when you share it on social media, tag them. When you do, the post will appear on their pages and their followers can see it. This instantly increases your reach!

Join popular forums.

If you consider yourself an expert in your niche or industry, you should consider participating in popular forums like Reddit and Quora. Forums allow you to build authority over your subject matter, interact with people (and fellow bloggers) personally, share links, and promote your website. By being an active member of such forums, you can build a network of people who are interested in your niche, and therefore are more likely to subscribe to your blogs.

Additionally, you can interact with other forum members and connect with them on social media. It helps you gain more knowledge in blogging, build links, and generate more traffic on your website.

Get Subscribers

Another powerful way to market your blog is to have people subscribe to your website. How do you gain blog subscriptions? There are many ways to do so. The most common strategies are through newsletters. What is important here, is to regularly clean up an email list of subscribers by email validation tool, as during a given period of time they become inactive and it may have a negative impact on your email sender reputation. When people visit your website, ask them to sign up for your mailing list. If you are able to impress them with the very first post they read, they are likely to subscribe and look forward to reading more blog posts from you. Aside from your email subscribers, your social media followers are also considered your subscribers. Make sure to update them with your latest posts by posting about it on social media. These people will be notified whenever you have a new post.

Alongside promoting your blog, you must also promote yourself as a blogger. It is important to cultivate expertise on your niche so people will see you as an authority and a reliable source of information. Create an author profile where you tell your readers who you are, what you do, and everything else that they might be interested to know about you. Do the same on social media. Market yourself as a reputable blogger who is passionate about what you do.

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