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Banyan Botanicals is a botanical company inspired by celebrated Ayurvedic teacher and author Vasant Lad. For over 25 years, their botanical shop has supplied customers with fresh organic herbs and natural at-home remedies. If this sounds like your cup of herbal tea, Banyan online makes wholesome living just a few clicks away!

The science of Ayurveda continues to bloom into its modern-day form. Banyan Botanicals has made it their company’s mission to seed this knowledge into the global community. From teas to tinctures, oils, balms, and superfoods, they provide a top-quality herbal shop for health and eco-warriors.



Banyan Botanicals embraces an ancient medical system


Ayurveda emphasizes herbal medicine and healthy food choices by looking at our bodies as unique ecological systems. Humans are microcosms of nature and nature’s elements. Ayurveda breaks these elements down into three constitutions or doshas: Kapha (earth and water), Pitta (water and fire), and Vatta (air and ether). The trick to understanding your Ayurvedic blueprint is knowing what dosha(s) dominate your system.

When a body experiences a system imbalance, dis-ease can manifest as physical pain, emotional turmoil, and mental or spiritual stress. Herbs have been used for centuries to ease, nourish, uplift, and treat medical symptoms.



Balance your body with Banyan Botanicals


Banyan Botanicals’ shop is carefully curated from the best of modern research and the timeless wisdom of the ancient sages. Plants have properties that help heat, cool, soothe, energize, and more, making them natural dosha balancers.

As an example, Tulsi will help increase heat in the body. Try Shatavari to reduce excess heat and support the female reproductive system. Cold-pressed sesame oil creates heat for kapha while it reduces dryness for vatas. Use the sesame oil for massage, oil pulling, ear drops, or internal consumption. It all depends on your unique needs!



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A botanical company committed to sustainability


Ayurveda emphasizes whole-system wellness, which means harmonious relationships and consideration for the land and all living beings involved. Banyan Botanicals is a certified B corporation. B corporations commit to being accountable for their company’s social and environmental impact. Banyan’s fair trade, organic herbs come only from eco-friendly farms that support biodiversity and waste reduction. Their suppliers harvest only from natural and thriving ecosystems.

Banyan supports projects like the FairWild Initiative and Guggulu Cultivation, which strive to protect vulnerable plant species. They partner with Banyan Farm in Williams, Oregon, where they offer on-site internships for botanical enthusiasts who want to learn more about the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

In addition, Banyan extends grants and donations to change-makers and non-profit organizations who share their vision. Shopping at Banyan Botanicals ultimately connects customers to a grander movement toward global health and community.



Shop by product, Dosha, or health interest at Banyan Botanicals online boutique


Banyan’s shop guarantees you will find what you need to optimize your wellness and create harmony in your body. Visit Banyan Botanicals online, where you can shop by product type, dosha, or health interest. Adopt a holistic approach to your overall health by trying their Ayurvedic diet tips, delicious recipes, and daily routines to complement your herbal regime.

If Ayurveda is new to you and you’re unsure where to start, Banyan’s free “What’s my dosha?” quiz will help identify which of the three most applies to you. From there, you can check out their online guide for each dosha to discover what botanical products will suit your needs. Be sure to visit the Bundles section to find the pre-prepared, dosha-balancing combos perfect to jump-start your Ayurvedic journey.



banyan botanicals store near me shop banyan medical botanical company