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Astrology and yoga are two ancient traditions that enjoy mainstream popularity, but rarely are the two arts practiced in unison. Many of the rich, telling planetary cycles explored in astrology can be accessed and applied to strengthen your yoga practice.

Using your sign as a yoga road map, you can develop a practice most suited to your personality and explore various times of the month when certain practices and intentions will best suit your course.

A very effective way to integrate the two customs is to pay special attention to your yoga practice during the New and Full Moons each month. The New Moon is a time for setting intentions, and it represents new beginnings. As the darkest time of the month, the New Moon symbolizes hidden potential and offers the opportunity to bring to fruition what is in your heart.

Every month a New Moon takes place in a different sign (this information can easily be found on many calendars or on the Internet). To make the most out of your yoga practice, it can be a wonderful ritual to set a conscious intention on the New Moon as you begin to warm-up.

Setting an intention specific to the New Moon can be beneficial by enlisting the assistance of the available planetary energy to help you manifest your intention.

Below, each Sun sign is accompanied by a complementary form of yoga.


Ashtanga, or “Power Yoga,” as developed by K. Pattabhi Jois, is considered one of the more physically demanding forms of yoga. Active Aries will enjoy the athletic nature of this yoga series.


Anusara Yoga is a relatively new style developed by John Friend that focuses on opening the heart and seeing the beauty of life while remembering to stay grounded and focused on proper posture alignment. Taurus yogis will appreciate the holistic and earthy viewpoint of Anusara.


Kali Ray TriYoga is perfect for Geminis. This style of yoga incorporates a synchronization of movement, breath and mudras. Energetic Geminis will like the dynamic nature of Kali Ray, which allows practitioners to evolve and grow into an active daily practice.


Restorative Yoga is a gentle form of Hatha Yoga that offers the body rest and relaxation through a series of passive poses. As the natural nurturers of the Zodiac, Cancers need to restore and replenish themselves in order to better take care of others. After an hour of Restorative Yoga, Cancers will once again be able to mother the world.


Bikram Yoga, aptly nick-named “hot yoga,” is a series of twenty-six postures practiced in studios where the thermostat is set for upwards of ninety degrees Fahrenheit. Bikram has been the rage with celebrities for years. Created in Los Angeles, this demanding yet somehow glamorous yoga style allows Leo yogis to feel strong and posh all at the same time.


Integral Yoga, created by Swami Satchidananda, emphasizes breath, meditation and movement. Virgos will appreciate the comprehensive nature of this form of yoga.  Health-conscious Virgos will also enjoy the fact that this method has been endorsed by Dr. Dean Ornish for a heart-healthy lifestyle.


Sivanda Yoga was developed by Vishnu-devananda, author of The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga.  By emphasizing breath, meditation, diet, positive thinking and traditional yoga postures, Sivanda Yoga provides a balanced approach that will work nicely for Libras.


Kundalini Yoga focuses on the release of Kundalini energy, or one’s “serpent power,” which is found at the base of the spine. Through mediation, chanting and a variety of postures, Kundalini yoga gives Scorpios the juicy experience of awakening their own power. Scorpios are always in search of transformative experiences and Kundalini yoga provides a healthy outlet for this quest.


The Jivamukti Yoga method, created by David Life and Sharon Gannon, was developed in New York City. Sagittarius yogis will find this style of yoga highly rewarding because each class is an adventure. Jivamukti incorporates funky music, chanting, home study and scriptural readings—all intended to stimulate body, mind and spirit alike.


Iyengar Yoga emphasizes proper alignment and the details of each posture. Capricorns are natural achievers and will enjoy the mastery of the art of yoga they can attain by practicing Iyengar.(awkward sentence) Capricorns will also respect the rigorous teacher training program that practitioners go through.


Kripalu Yoga is practiced all over the country but began in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts. Aquarius practitioners will enjoy the community that Kripalu yogis share. In addition, the methodical learning process that culminates in a practice yielding spontaneous, meditative movement is ideal for free-spirited Aquarians.


Ananda Yoga, developed by Swami Kriyananda, is a traditional Hatha Yoga style that works with subtle energies in the body to center and calm practitioners. Andanda Yoga utilizes silent affirmations to help awaken higher levels of consciousness. Sensitive and spiritual Pisces will benefit from this gentle, inward form of yoga.

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