the 2020 artfem women artists international bienniale of macau kicks off september 30th, albergue scm.

Women Artists in the contemporary world at the International Bienniale ART FEM 2020 of Macau

THE 2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau opens with an Opening Ceremony on September 30th, 2020 (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm at Albergue SCM.

logo green and white art exhibit Macau 2020 china Sophie Parienti

This year’s edition covers the theme of Natura, the Latin word for nature. ARTEM 2020 is organized by Albergue SCM and sponsored by Macau Foundation and various parties.  

As the only women artist international biennial, ARTFEM aims to contribute to greater visibility of women artists in the contemporary world and a (re)discovery of women who have played a socially and culturally significant role.

The exhibit also gears local arts towards international standards and bring more dynamic and plentiful artistic experiences to the public and tourists.

Women artists’ work is increasingly showcased internationally; other Biennales of the past also had the merit to expose the need for female institutional representation, even if these outstanding projects did not survive the test of time.

ARTEM is devoted to being an exception by maintaining the project in a city renowned as important international events. Following the success of ARTFEM 2018 at the Macau Museum of Art (with over 100 works from established and emerging artists from the five Continents), ARTFEM 2020 features 142 works created between 2018 and 2020 by 98 women from 22 countries working actively as artists.

Participating artists are from the People’s Republic of China (13), Portugal (16), Macau (31), Hong Kong (7), South Korea (2), Japan (1), Indonesia (3), France (3), Spain (1), Italy (3), Netherlands (1), United Kingdom (1), Germany (3), Sweden (1), Belgium (1), Brazil (3), United States (2), Canada (1), India (2), East Timor (1), Iran (1) and Australia (1). 

white canvas with bug black and white art macau hong kong ARTFEm China
Kiko Tabuchi, Japan – “Mama” 2002
Rotring Isograph pen on Illustration Board – 20 x 14.5 cm

This multimedia show displays painting, sculpture, ceramics, installation, drawings, silkscreen on diverse media, video, and photography.

The exhibition aims to bring to the fore urgent discourses on environmental issues, including its protection or devastation, and humanity’s relationship with nature. 

birds flying painting art exhibit Macau china 2020 Artfem Silvia Patrício

Acrylic and oil on canvas
Silvia Patrício, Portugal – “Flight” 2017 – Acrylic and oil on canvas

The curatorial team dispersed the show in the Macau Peninsula to allow a “biennale feeling” to its viewers, who wander around town while searching for artworks.

While the curatorial intention considered occupying and intervening in the public space, the COVID-19 crisis has provoked the exhibitions to happen solely indoors.

ARTFEM’s curatorial team is comprised of Arch. Carlos Marreiros, president of ARTFEM Organizing Committee, and Head Curator for this edition. The Exhibit is co-curated by China-based Angela Li, who brings a Chinese-focus, the Macau-based duo Alice Kok and James Chu, who selected local Macau artists as well as Hong Kong ones, and Leonor Veiga, a Macau SAR Permanent Resident who curated, along with Carlos Marreiros, the international selection of artists.

From left to right (Angela Li, Leonor Veiga, Carlos Marreiros, James Chu, and Alice Kok)

In the meantime, renowned Chinese artist Xiang Jing and Macau artist Un Chi I am are the Godmothers of 2020 ARTEM.

Xiang Jing and Un Chi I am

2020 ARTFEM Women Artists International Biennial of Macau will open on September 30th until December 13th, 2020, and will be held in four separate art spaces in Macau, including Albergue SCM, Former Municipal Cattle Stable, Galeria Lisboa, and Orient Foundation with a mix of seminars, workshops, and tours, so to encourage the participation of artists, public and tourists. The admission is free. 

Dr. Kitty Zijlmans – Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory/World Art Studies
The Netherlands

“I can only applaud the initiative to organize a Women Artists International Biennal in Macau that starts this month. It is a manifest for the force of art by women who in many respects and in many places around the globe are still unrepresented.

The show is going to be magnificent, with dozens of women from all corners of the earth, and working in a plethora of art forms and media. This is going to be a heralding event, highlighting the imagination of women artists and their role in art and society at large.”

When: September 30–December 13, 2020

Where: Gallery A2, Albergue SCM, 8 Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, Macau

How much: Free admission

For further information regarding the Biennale openings and related events or contact +2852 2550 | +2852 3205, e-mail to – IG -@artfem_2020

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