attracting abundance with yoga

idea of contentment

Happiness will flourish in any home willing to embrace a consciousness-based approach to life. these underlying principles of yoga are the same principles that support a life of balance, flexibility and vitality.    

People often associate discipline with deprivation. Those living a yogic lifestyle may appear extremely disciplined because their bio-rhythms are aligned with the natural rhythms of nature. They wake up early, meditate, exercise, eat in a healthy, conscious manner and go to bed early. They reap the benefits of harmonizing nature’s cycles.

The initial step in attracting abundance is the idea of contentment or truly appreciating what you already posses. Contentment is all about present movement awareness. When you struggle against the present moment you struggle against the entire cosmos. Contentment implies acceptance without resignation. Contentment is found in a person who relinquishes control of power, approval and the outcome.

Yogis have natural desires that are god-given and not to be judged. We  can  want more. Use your practice coupled with thoughtful meditation to touch that place inside of you where pure potentiality lives, where your authentic self is found, where the universe is a limitless display of infinite choices and endless possibilities.

Use Vajrasana, or Diamond Pose, to help open the body and spirit to contentment.

Beginning on your knees with your body upright, gently lower yourself down until you are sitting on your heels. Rest in this position for a few minutes, then lift yourself off your heels so that you are facing forward. Settle into your heels. Become aware of your breathing and relax. Activating the  Law of Intention & Desire , envision energy freely flowing up your spine.

The diamond is a precious gem that has the highest spiritual frequency. It has the ability to cut through almost anything in the world. The diamond pose awakens the balanced state of mind-body integration that allows you to cut through the ignorance with the wisdom to the infinite and unbounded field of abundance.

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