yoga, whew!


a poem for you

Yoga girl, Whew!

I just let go of a lifetime in my thighs,

hiding dogs in my legs,

cats and cows,

frogs and moons and suns

and bows and bows and whoa!

Now, I’m a warrior

twisted into a crescent moon,

inside a cobra,


the views from a bridge

and then a corpse,

im a frog and a fish,

bait and switch!

then dished out an inch of sweat,

wet and stretching yoga in these poses,

asanas high on prana and oxygenation,

pranafication and rejuvenation of cells

flowing in the minds eye –

“Third eye opened”!  reminds the teacher,

her figure a kundalini goddess,

I wish I could kiss”¦.

but now im High on breath of fire,

”˜sit up higher!” she says”¦

“Get up, Stand up!

For your spine and Bill of Rights!”

Balance the Left and Right,

drishti – eyesight, pure sight

and anahata heart lights

“turn on that third eye girl once again,”

its all about the breathing!,

then we can reach for the stars

in mountain, in tree

wheezing with the purr of a cat

sat in boat, floating on an ujaaii ocean sounding sounds smoothly

upside down like a fish

and down in a dog and rolled into a ball,

then a plow, on my shoulders

I stand

One nation under yoga!

One world, one race, one breath , one lifetime to do as best we can,

I can still stand! 

Thank U Mother Earth! 

These temporal temples of bodies,

the spirit moves on,

thy soul chooses one incarnation after another,

lifetimes and angelic realms,

dreaming yoginis

beautiful dakinis

spinning circles in your aura,

after yoga,

its like light rings around thy body,

ring around the collar with mala beads

to meditate til the mind is free,

with the fruits of Divine Life,

Beads to read the silence between the lines

in the minds many eyes

and chakras,

third eye mantra


and the many paths to enlightenment!

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