march 8th 2012 full moon

March 8th 2012 Full Moon Astrology | Is 03 08 2012 Full Moon Astrology

Let loose””let your hair down! Fueled by fiery Mars (amplifying passion and emotion), I hereby declare the entire week of this Full Moon to be FUN CITY. On March 8 (1:39 am Pacific; more time zones here), the Full Moon is at 18° Virgo. 


This Full Moon coincides with Holi, a traditional holiday celebrated in India (and beyond) known as the Festival of Colors, Holi begins with a bonfire on the eve of the Full Moon. And then, the next day all H— Breaks Loose.

I was traveling through rural India one year on Holi; I’ve never seen anything like it. People swarm the streets and toss brightly colored powders and paint at one another! Everybody is covered head-to-toe in color. There’s also music and dancing, and all manner of outrageous entertainment too.

But the real stand-out is those brightly colored powders and paint. Clothing gets soaked and faces are smeared with raucous reds, brilliant blues, every color imaginable. Wild!

History, on the other hand, paints a much different picture. In earlier times, Holi was a simple springtime festival, a time to commemorate fertile lands. Which leads us to the topic of Virgo.


Virgo is an Earth sign; and by mid-March this year, all three Earth signs interface in this highly charmed aspect called a Grand Trine (Virgo/Mars, trine Capricorn/Pluto, trine Taurus/Jupiter). 

This aspect can open doors for everyone. Earth sign Grand Trines are said to initiate true abundance that can raise our standard of living for the rest of our lives. Don’t miss this opportunity. Make it work for you.


The Full Moon is in Virgo, a sign symbolized by a virgin goddess holding a sheaf of grain.

I’m a Virgo, and that Virgoan symbol always makes me think of my childhood. I grew up in Montana, amidst farmlands and fields that kept everyone well nourished with fresh produce””circling back once again to Virgo (and the traditional body-zodiac correlation for this Full Moon): Virgo = abdomen, and the digestive tract. 

There are two parts to the cycle of digestion:

”¢ The first part (most of us have no trouble here): eating yummy, prana-rich food.

”¢ The second part””surrender. Release. Letting go. Um, easy, right?


As it turns out, letting go (metaphorically speaking) isn’t so easy. Most of us tend to be hangers-on; we cling to old memories or pine over lost loves for decades. And our material possessions? Crammed closets; stuffed drawers; yes, we hang on…

Truth is, we could all learn a thing or two about surrender. Cutting loose. And that liberating act known as letting go.  

Therefore, I declare the Virgo Full Moon to be Cut-Loose-and-Let-Your-Hair-Down Time. Here’s where we’ll begin:


I love twisting poses. Twists wring out the toxins and leave us feeling squeaky-clean and refreshed. Try this simple seated twist (you can even do this one at your desk).

”¢ Sit in a chair (or on the floor in Sukhasana, easy cross-legged pose) and plant both sit-bones firmly.

”¢ Place right-hand fingertips on the floor, near your right hip (or, if you’re sitting in a chair that has arms, grasp the right arm of the chair with your right hand)

”¢ Cross left arm in front of the torso””left hand to right knee.

”¢ Inhale, elongate spine up (and gently draw navel toward spine)

”¢ Exhale use your arms to help twist lower abdomen to the right””keep both sit-bones firmly grounded””twist only the lower abdomen (not the shoulders or neck””the tendency here is to skip the abdomen and crank the neck)

”¢ Inhale, elongate spine up.

”¢ Exhale and twist mid-to-upper abdomen (mid-section of the torso) to the right.

”¢ Inhale, elongate spine up (now release any tension in shoulders and neck, face, head, and jaw)

”¢ Exhale””relax into your most delicious twist.

”¢ After a few rounds of breathing in and out in the twist, go ahead and twist the upper body, shoulders, neck, and head to the right, and then…

”¢ Take a deep inhale, and on the exhale release the twist””return to center, pause, breathe, and soak up some bliss.

”¢ Repeat, second side.

The blissful sensations arise whenever Ida and Pingala nadis (subtle-body energy channels, on either side of the Sushumna nadi in the spine) cross one another. Twists bring about a sense of ease and surrender. Works every time.


Let’s cut loose and savor the flavor of this Full Moon. Do blissful twists. Enjoy vivid colors. Walk outside and gaze up at the beautiful Moon. And take pleasure in every bite of delicious prana-rich food too. 

May the Grand Trine shine its rich blessings on you. Namasté.

Hello Moon lovers, I’m taking a brief hiatus from Yogi Times to work with Yogastrology Sun :Moon Teacher Training. You can keep up with the New Moon : Full Moon calendar here. See you soon. Diane